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Far West Club & Council History Recognition...

In 2008 Far West launched this program to develop club, league and council histories. The objective of the annual program is to capture important information about skiing from the skier’s perspective and especially that of the club skier.

Selection for the award is based on digital (preferable) or mailed presentation of club or council history according to a set of weighted criteria and judged by knowledgeable ski historians.

About the Recognition

The History Recognition is not for outstanding club or council, although it is anticipated that material may be common to both types of presentations. Think of these histories as museum or library reference resources.

Criteria will include the following. Submissions should try to cover as much detail as available against these weighted criteria. It is more important to capture your history than to “check off all the squares.” Liberal use of photos and graphics is encouraged. These submissions are paperless and should be readable with standard applications from CD or DVD.

  • Basic organizational identity, location and service area, corporate status, and mailing address, both postal and electronic (5)
  • Objectives and purposes of the organization, mission and vision statements (if available), plan for the future (10)
  • Membership profile, numbers, demographics (10)
  • Timeline, founding, significant events during your history to date (20)
  • Annual event menu and descriptions - recreational, social, competitive, community service, travel (20)
  • Description of major events and achievements from your timeline (20)
  • Highlighted member profiles and special interest connections (5)
  • Appendices may include (5)
    • Governing documents such as by-laws, articles of incorporation, operations manuals
    • Officer and member rosters, both historic and current
  • Accessing information on your media, ease of navigation, indexing (5)
All submissions must be for unrestricted release and become the property of the Association. Multiple focal points for ski history will be designated as eventual holders of the submitted information. Submissions must be archival or library quality.

Check out past winners.


Apply for the Award

    The deadline for the History Recognition Award submission is March 18,, 2024.

    The 2024 application can be downloaded here

    Winners will be announced at the FWSA annual convention, when a memento will be awarded to the submission best meeting the criteria for the recognition.


Notify the Chair early as to your desire or intent to enter for this award and to obtain the addresses for any mailed histories.

Check FWSA News, the Councilman, FWSA web pages and FWSA on Facebook for any updates to the above.

Please forward to anyone who should enter but who may be “off the net.”

We have a colorful and robust history. Let’s tell the world.

Jane Wyckoff
Far West History Chair
949-933-9607 [C]

Download the History Award Application as a PDF document to be filled out electronically.

Originally founded in 1960 as a ski and social club for single adults, the Single Ski Club has evolved to now include married members. What has not changed for the Single Ski Club has been the many diverse programs offered to its members: athletic, racing, social, cultural, public affairs, domestic and international travel, awards, ski heritage, skier safety and community service.

Founded in 1934 and incorporated in 1937, the Fresno Ski Club is one of the nation’s oldest incorporated ski clubs. The Club traces its origins to the early development days of the local ski resorts, Badger Pass and China Peak/Sierra Summit. Photo of Edie Reynolds, president form 1959-60.

Skiyente Ski Club was started in 1955 when some members of Associated Women Skiers (AWS), the first all women’s ski club in the United States, decided they wanted to focus more closely on ‘mountain activities’ vs. the ‘social and non-mountain community events.’ These women sought out others with the same objectives and formed Skiyente Ski Club, which loosely translated, means “Ski Maiden”.

North Island
North Island was founded in 1977 by a few North Island Federal employees interested in skiing. The  original name was “North Island Ski Club.” The founding 12 members, led by the first president, Jerry Jakel, had visions of chartering buses to Mammoth and renting a condo or two for the club. Many of the original members are still members today.