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Far West Member Benefits...

Membership has its Far West Benefits

Far West Benefits

  • Council clubs and direct members enjoy many benefits from their FWSA membership, including excellent trips at reduced rates, recreational racing, industry discounts and the opportunity to participate in Far West’s special events, including the annual Convention.
  • Councils coordinate member clubs to provide a better snowsports experience for its membership.
  • Councils are listed on Far West website and clubs are listed on Council websites.
  • Councils and clubs are listed in the Far West Skiers Guide, which is distributed throughout the Western US.
  • Far West offers three Snowsports Trips a year— North American, International and a mini-North American trip. These value trips include lots of extras— meals, races, parties and plenty of fun.
  • Far West offers a number of value Adventure Trips a year, typically a cruise, dive trip and summer mountain excursion.
  • Far West offers opportunities to participate in a number of recognition Programs — Council's Man and Woman of the Year, Safety Person of the Year and Western Ski Heritage Prize. Winners of these programs are awarded a free ski vacation.
  • Far West offers opportunities to Race at Ski Week and with the Council Leagues.
  • Members can attend the annual Far West Ski Conventions— Leadership Academy, Silent Auction, Travel Expo, Seminars, Special Guest, Meet with Ski Resorts and Industry and more.

FWSA Member Discounts

National Ski Council Federation (NSCF) Benefits

  • Discounts on lodging, lift tickets, rental cars, and numerous other services. Visit NSCF website for complete benefits.
  • First Time users will need to submit their name, email address, Council and Ski Club. You will then be mailed a personal Userid & Password. You can log in after you have been approved.
  • Representation of all FWSA ski clubs to the ski industry.

Membership Card

An FWSA membership card identifies the cardholder as a member of not only their own local club and council, but a member of Far West Ski Association, and entitles the individual to a variety of benefits.

You can get your FWSA card when you join or re-join your local ski club or sign up as a direct member.

For information on the Member Benefits Program

Debbi Kor
FWSA VP of Marketing

Wailers (LAC) runs bus trips to Mammoth that are open to other clubs

Radar River Rats (LAC) tows kids along the river

Far West Race Association Championships in Mammoth

North Island (SD) having fun at the Ogden Convention

Monterey (BAC) on a camping trip

Mountain Biking at Mammoth

Beach Cities (LAC) hosts the annual War of the Roses Volleyball Tournament at Manhattan Beach.

2013 Councils' Men and Women of the Year