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Far West Lake Louise Trophy...

Even before the ‘94 Northridge, CA earthquake crunched what remained of the old Far West Ski Association (FWSA) Ski Week Council perpetual trophy, Gene Fulkerson (FWSA VP Travel ‘91-’97) had been on a quest to obtain a new award. For five years, there had been much talk of Canada donating one.

Typically plans to look into the new trophy would be discussed at the Convention and then forgotten until Ski Week. 1996 proved to be different. Gene ran into Sandy Best of Lake Louise Resorts in Los Angeles a mere two months before the 1997 FWSA Ski Week in Steamboat. One drink lead to another and pretty soon they had an idea of an innovative trophy design. Sandy commissioned Rudi Peet.

This original keepsake is very special and literally a work of art. Rudi Peet, a Canadian jewelry designer and goldsmith, created the masterpiece for FWSA. The center is a sterling silver Canadian bear that was hand-crafted by Rudi. The fierce looking bear is perched upon “Rundle Rock” from the Canadian Rockies which sits atop a Canadian Cedar block. Behind the bear is etched glass resembling a mountain complete with ski runs.

Sandy was on hand at the 1997 Ski Week in Steamboat to unveil this precious work of art. He re-presented this trophy to FWSA at the 1997 Convention in Portland, OR.

The Lake Louise trophy goes to the Council at the Far West Ski Week with the most total points for Slalom and Giant Slalom.

Winning Ski Week Council
Ski Week
VP Travel
2024 Sierra Steamboat, CO, Jan/Feb, 2024 Nancy Ellis
2023 Sierra
Jackson Hole, WY, Jan/Feb 2023 Nancy Ellis
2022 Bay Area
Snowmass, CO, Jan/Feb 2022 Nancy Ellis
2021 No Race Held Sun Valley, ID, Feb 2021 Nancy Ellis
2020 Los Angeles Big Sky, MT, Feb 2010 Nancy Ellis
2019 Bay Area Steamboat, CO, Feb 2–9 Nancy Ellis
2018 Sierra Banff, Canada, Feb 3–10 Nancy Ellis
2017 Bay Area Breckenridge, CO,
Jan 28 - Feb 4
Nancy Ellis
2016 Bay Area Telluride, CO,
Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2016
Nancy Ellis
2015 Bay Area Whistler/Blackcomb, Canada
Jan 31 - Feb 7, 2015
Nancy Ellis
2014 Sierra Beaver Creek, CO,
Jan 25 - Feb 1, 2014
Nancy Ellis
2013 Sierra Aspen/Snowmass, CO,
Jan 26 - Feb 2, 2013
Gloria Raminha
2012 Sierra Jackson Hole, WY, Jan 28 - Feb 4 Gloria Raminha
2011 Bay Area Sun Valley, ID, Jan 22-29 Gloria Raminha
2010 Bay Area Keystone, CO, Jan 30-Feb 6 Gloria Raminha
2009 Bay Area Big Sky, Montana, Gloria Raminha
2008 Bay Area Whistler, Canada, Jan 19-26 Gloria Raminha
2007 Bay Area Steamboat, CO,
Feb 3-10, 2007
Lynnell Calkins
2006 Los Angeles Telluride, CO,
Feb 4-11, 2006
Lynnell Calkins
Los Angeles
Aspen/Snowmass, CO,
Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2005
Lynnell Calkins
Los Angeles
Lake Lousie, Jan 24-31, 2004
Lynnell Calkins
Big Mountain, MT,
Jan 25 - Feb 1, 2003
Susie Vetter
Copper Mountain, CO,
Jan 26 - Feb 2
Susie Vetter
Bay Area
Sun Valley, ID, Feb 3-10
Tucker Hoffmann
Bay Area
Whistler, Canada, Jan 22-29
Tucker Hoffmann
Bay Area
Lake Louise, Canada, Jan 23-30
Tucker Hoffmann
Bay Area
Jackson Hole, WY, Jan 24-31
Tucker Hoffmann
Bay Area
Steamboat, CO, Jan 25 - Feb 1
Gene Fulkerson
Bay Area
Mt. Bachelor, OR, Jan 20-27
Gene Fulkerson
Whistler, Canada, Jan 21 - 28
Gene Fulkerson
Bay Area
Banff, Canada, Mar 12-19
Gene Fulkerson
Los Angeles
Aspen, CO, Jan 16-23
Gene Fulkerson
Los Angeles
Vail, CO, Jan 25 - Feb 1
Gene Fulkerson
Breckenridge, CO, Jan 26 - Feb 2
Lauren Nagel
Los Angeles
Telluride, CO, Jan 27 - Feb 3
Fay Mumbauer
Banff, Canada, Feb 25 - Mar 4
Fay Mumbauer
Los Angeles
The Summit, CO, Jan 30 - Feb 5
Fay Mumbauer
Park City, UT, Jan 31 - Feb 7
John James
Los Angeles
Jackson Hole, WY
John James
Jackson Hole, WY
John James
Breckenridge, CO,
Feb 26 - Mar 4
Telluride, CO, Mar 4-12
Newswift, Austria
John James
Park City, UT, Feb 28 - Mar 8
Bogus Basin, ID, Mar 6-13
Bear Valley, CA, Mar 14-21
John James
Bear Valley, CA, Mar 9-16
Bear Valley, CA, Mar 17-24
Bear Valley, CA, Mar 4-11
not held
Bear Valley, CA, Dec
Chuck Morse

Bob Ellis
VP Racing 
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Rudi Peet, Goldsmith

Rudi Peet
is the creator of the current Far West Ski Association (FWSA) Ski Week Council perpetual trophy. Rudi is a jewelry designer and goldsmith inspired by the forms and shapes of nature. He was trained in the European tradition and has established an international reputation for his flawless workmanship and technique. His designs achieve beauty through sensitivity, earning him the loyalty of customers the world over.

Throughout the years Rudi Peet’s designs have been exhibited in major galleries and have received accolades in national editorials. In 1985, his inspirational use of meteorite and diamonds won him the coveted de Beers Award. He won this award again in 1989 for a remarkable ladies ring featuring a single diamond ingeniously set amid a wave of gold.

Rudi Peet lives in Lac des Arcs, Alberta with his wife and two children. Rudi Peet and his business partner, Susan Kun, also a goldsmith and certified gemologist, form a creative and successful team. They operate from their Canmore, Alberta studio, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, which is open to the public.