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Far West Terry Smith Award...

Terry Smith’s intense love for the mountains first brought him to Mammoth in 1965 to work for Gus Weber in the Mammoth Ski School. But an offer to become a ski instructor and race coach stole him off to Big Bear where he became the assistant director.

Terry returned to Mammoth in 1971 to work as a ski instructor until 1974 when he was made assistant head of the Mammoth race department. Throughout his skiing career, Terry was very active with the Far West Ski Instructor’s Association. He was an examiner for its certification tests and served on its board of directors.

Terry handled all the public relations for the Mammoth Race Department and worked closely with the Far West Race Leagues. Terry originated and set up the teaching system for the race clinics and was responsible for putting on the village ski championships.

The Terry Smith Award is bestowed on the outstanding an individual who has greatly contributed to the advancement of recreational ski racing. This award may only be received once. Only elected officers of Far West Racing Association, including race league chairpersons and past Terry Smith Award recipients, are allowed to nominate and vote.

Awardee Affiliation
 2024 Nan Carnal
Sierra League & Council
Jerry Stokely San Diego/Rokka
2022 Peter Dodd
2021 Debi Phelps Bay Area
2020 No Award   
2019 John Walsh
San Diego
2018 Kevin Kermode Mammoth Mountain, CA
2017 Laura Priess Los Angeles, Rokka
2016 Dale Parshall Northwest
2015 Nancy Ellis Sierra
2014 Brent Forysthe Mammoth Mountain Race Department
2013 Ken Kawahara Los Angeles, Ullr
2012 Maxine Hanlon Orange
2011 Jo Simpson Sierra
2010 No Award
2009 Scott Peer Los Angeles, Rokka
2008 Craig Faitel Bay Area, Singles League
2007 Beat Hupfer Mammoth Mountain Race Department
2006 Jim Sommer Sierra
2005 Barbara Byant Sierra
2004 Dan Jeffrey Sierra
Dick Shawkey Bay Area
2002 Dotti Gallagher Sierra
Joe Loader Sierra
Robb Margrave Bay Area
Mark Hanlon Orange
Marty Purmort Los Angeles
Lynnell Calkins Los Angeles
Bob Bernard Sierra
Ken Calkins Los Angeles
No award
Bob & Debbie Warzynski Inland
Herb Schraibman Los Angeles
Bob Ellis Bay Area
Carol Weaver Sierra
Ralph Lehotsky Los Angeles
John Ulrich Bay Area
John Armstrong Mammoth Mountain
George Eachus Los Angeles
John Catozzi Los Angeles
Alan Christian Bay Area
Ellen Loe Los Angeles
Jessica Freeman Los Angeles
Dennis Agee Mammoth Mountain,
US Women's Ski Team Coach
Karyn Tablada Los Angeles
Ueli Luthi US Men's Ski Team Coach for 7 years
Joe Harris San Diego
John Rosenkranz Los Angeles
John James Los Angeles
Bruce Bell Los Angeles

Terry Smith Award Winners at the 2005 Convention: Marty Purmot '99, Herb Schraibman '93, John James '77, Robb Margrave '01, John Rosenkranz '78, Alan Christian '85, Karyn Tablada (Purmot) '81, Bob & Debbie Warzynski '94, Lynnell Calkins '98, Ken Calkins '96, Barbara Bryant '05, Jessica Freeman '83, Mark Hanlon '00, Bob Ellis '92

Eileen Sanford
Far West Service Awards Chair
858-761-6192 [c]

Terry Smith died in a tragic accident while operating an earth moving machine at the top of Chair 3 at Mammoth in the summer of 1975. In his memory, the Race Stadium Run in the Blue Ox area was named Terry’s Run.

Bruce Bell was first recipient of the Terry Smith Award. Bruce loved snow skiing. He served on the National Ski Patrol and was very active in FWSA. He organized and participated in a 12-person ski-a-thon on roller blades from LA to Lake Placid, NY to raise money for the Olympics.

Terry Smith Award Winners in 1992 at the Western SkiSport Museum in Boreal.

Front Row: George Eachus '87, Karyn Tablada '81, Bob Ellis '92, Alan Christian '85.

Back Row: Ralph Lehotsky '90, John Armstrong '88, Carol Weaver '91.

Terry Smith Award Winners at the 1993 Far West Convention.

Kneeling: John Armstrong '88, Joe Harris '79.

Standing: Herb Schraibman '93, George Eachus '87, Karyn Tablada '81, Alan Christian '85