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Stanley on skis.

1973 Hall of Fame Induction

Stanley at age 93.

Far West J. Stanley Mullin Award...

J. Stanley Mullin, a Los Angeles attorney, was a pioneer Far West skier. As an avid competitive skier, he hiked up California's snow-covered mountains in the 1930s before the advent of ski lifts.
Stan remained a strong supporter of the Far West Ski Association, USSA, and FIS (Federation of International Skiing).

Stan was an indefatigable sportsman, mastering horseback riding, skiing, sports car racing and rowing.

He competed in the trials for equestrian jumping for the 1932 Olympic games. He was the first president of the California Sports Car Club and founded the rowing section of the California Yacht Club.

In 1939, Stan founded Southern Skis with Corty Hill, Morgan Adams Jr., Otto Steiner, A. Andrew Hauk, Paulette Goddard and others.

Stan served as FWSA secretary for two years following WWII before being elected Vice-President of NSA. In 1952, Stan joined Morgan Adams Jr., Bob Crary, Bob Cheesewright and others in financing the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts.

Stan had a long association with the Olympics, serving on the Organizing Committee for the 1960 Winter Games at Squaw Valley and was a principal contributor to the Squaw Valley Olympic Committee, which brought the 1960 games to California.

In 1962, Stan was awarded the Blegen Award, USSA's highest award for service to the sport of skiing. He was a Vice-President of the FIS and represented USSA at FIS congresses from 1951 through 1967. He was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame in 1973.

The J. Stanley Mullin Award is given to the man, in the Far West region, who has, through efforts in ski club, council, region, national or international activities, made a decisive contribution to skiing during either the past year or in a prior year This award may only be received once and is based on one or two year achievement (not long-term service) in the Far West region. The two years of service can be for prior years, not just the past two years. In the early years the winner of this award was also referred to as Far West Man of the Year.

Year Awardee
Paul Vlasveld
2022 John Reinhardt
James Nachbar
2020 No award
2019 Joe Harvis
2018 Todd Hood
2017 George Stewart
2016 Norbert Knapp
2015 George Kish
2014 Emilio Trampuz
2013 Bob Ellis
2012 David Krupp
2011 Dennis Heffley
2010 Dick Shawkey
2009 Richard Lubin
2008 Arleigh Meiners
2007 Ray Craig
2006 Robb Margrave
2005 Donn Bryant
2004 Michael German
2003 Joe Loader
2002 Steve Coxen
2001 Ken Calkins
2000 Jim Ortiz
1999 Tucker Hoffmann
1998 Mike Sanford
1997 Sutter Kunkel
1996 Ron Anderson
1995 Gene Fulkerson
1994 Randy Lew
1993 Norm Cullen
1992 Louis Buhler
1991 Woody Hogan
1990 Paul Arrigo
1989 Chuck Morse
1988 John James
1987 Howard Wickersham
1986 Cloyde Howard
1985 Mike Favia
1984 Glen Adkins
1983 Alan Christian
1982 John Rosenfeld
1981 Steve Williams
1980 John Rosenkranz
1980 Bob Clinco
1979 Ed McArthur
1978 Ed Gehle
1977 Dick Croft
1976 Bruce Bell
1975 Russ Read
1974 Rolf Fromm
1973 Edgar "Gar" Bering III
1972 Carl Grover
1971 Russ Tiffany
1970 John Watson
1969 Richard Goetzman
1968 Stanley V. Walton, Jr.
1967 Jerry Wetzel
1966 Byron Nishkian

Eileen Sanford
Far West Service Awards Chair
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J. Stanley Mullin
July 14, 1907 - July 24, 2000

Bryon Nishikian (1966)

Edgar "Gar" Bering III (1973) with J. Stanley Mullin

Bruce Bell (1976)

Gene Fulkerson (1995)
Norm Cullen

Michael German (2004) with Stan Mullin Jr.