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CST #2036983-40

September 28 – October 12, 2019

About the Philippines—

Visas and Passports: US Passport holders will obtain a 30-day tourist visa on arrival at no extra costs. They may ask to see your confirmed return/onward flight ticket. Please make sure that your passport is valid for a least six months from the date of departure from the Philippines. Visa and passport regulations differ by country of origin. You must check the entry requirements and procedures if you have a non-US passport.

Currency & Payments: The Philippine Peso (PHP) is the official currency in the Philippines. Most businesses, shops and restaurants will accept credit and debit cards. Please note that in some cases, away from the major cities, you may be charged 3.5 – 6.0%. There are many ATMs in most cities and airports. You should ensure you have small denominations of Philippine Pesos for departure tax prior to departing Manila. There are also money changers at the airports. Incidental charge such as gift shop, tours and restaurant/bar can be charged to your room if a credit card has been provided. The resort accepts Visa and MasterCard. Traveler's cheques are not accepted.

Airport Taxes & Fees: Passengers traveling within the Philippines are required to pay airport terminal fees. Please ensure you have a sufficient amount of Philippine Pesos (PHP) to pay these fees on departure. It must be paid in cash only. There are ATMs and money exchanges in the airport. Domestic Departures are 200 PHP (approximately $4-$5/person USD depending on the daily exchange rate) and International Departures are 200 PHP (approximately $15 person USD depending on the daily exchange rate). Some airlines include the departure fees in the fare.

Climate and Weather: The Philippines is a tropical country and the weather is fairly even all year round. The year as roughly divided into two seasons; “rainy” and “dry”. The rainy season generally begins in early June and can extend through November. The months of greatest rainfall is generally July and August. The dry season runs November to May, but there is always the chance of light rainfall during this period. The warmest months are usually March through May and the highest humidity is June, July and August. Year round coastal and inland temperatures range from 81º F - 93º F with an average of 87° F. Evenings are marginally cooler.

Water Temperature and Exposure Suits: Water temperatures are broadly similar throughout the entire Philippines region with averages of 78º F - 82º F. Most guest will find a 3mm wetsuit and possibly just a rash guard suitable for the water temperature. You may even want to bring an extra vest or hood. I wore a 3mm full wetsuit for the extra protection.

Electricity in Philippines is 220 volts AC, 50 cycles, using standard 2 prong Euro style plugs. Bring convertors for your electronic gear.

Philippines Standard Time: Time is UTC +8 hours or +15 hours from the West Coast USA.

Medications: Bring your prescription medications along with your own immunity meds such as Vit C, EmergenC, Airborne, Imodium, etc. Basic medications are available on the island but it is best to bring what you need with you. Put in your carry-on.

Bugs: Insect repellent is recommended and is available for sale in the gift shop. We suggest bringing antihistamines to relieve itching you may experience from insect bites as it is much more effective than any topical cream.

Packing: Pack light-weight, comfortable clothing. Casual clothing is acceptable throughout the resort. Hats and sunscreen are recommended.

Power: Batteries, especially watch and camera batteries, are expensive and difficult to find on the island. Remember your charger or bring spare batteries with you. Note— If your charger doesn't cover 220 volts, it is recommended that you do not use with an adapter.


Download Documents

You can download the following documents as a complete package or indvidual packets.

Complete Package [2.2 MB]

Information Package [1.5 MB]

Flyer [140 KB]
Basics [1.4 MB]
Diving [80 KB]]
Payment & Cancellation [46 KB]

Registration Package [800 KB]
Forms [510 KB]
Air Options [308 KB]
Conduct Policy
Waiver [190 KB]

Information & Questions

Contact: Randy Lew
829 SE 11th Place, Battle Gound, WA 98604
530-304-0802 [c]

Know Before You Go—
Travel on this FWSA trip to Roatan requires a valid Passport. Your Passport must be valid until April 12, 2020 (six months after your return). It is your responsibility to ensure your required travel documents are in order and with you.

FWSA highly recommends that you purchase travel insurance. Roatan Charters offers trip insurance on their website. Additional travel insurance options can be found on the FWSA website.

In addition, all scuba divers will be required to have diving accident insurance through Divers Alert Network (DAN), the premier dive insurance.

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