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In 1995, the Outstanding Club Award was named in honor of Dave Tollakson.

In an effort to recognize the recreational skier, FWSA awarded the first outstanding ski club in 1963. The criteria used then was based on the percentage of members who belonged to FWSA, amount of money donated to FWSA, number of members holding FWSA offices, and number of members passing the Uniform Ski Test.

2015 saw a realignment of the classifications. The classes are based on experience rather than size. For the first year, first place finishers from the past 4 years are in the Masters Class. Second and third place finishers from the past 4 years are in the Advanced Class. Novice Class is for those who are new or has not placed in the past 4 years.

For subsequent years, if you win in your class, you are bumped up a class. If you have not won in four years, you are bumped down. The window of consideration is over a four-year period.

Today, the Tollakson Award is presented to an outstanding club based on an evaluation of their structure, organization, skiing, sports, social events, and giving to the community.

Dave Tollakson’s activities in club leadership, racing and committees mark him as the finest that organized skiing can produce. Dave’s involvement in FWSA started in the mid-60s with the Rokka League. He trained, skied, took lessons and practiced.

Concurrently, he took up patrolling with the National Ski Patrol (NSP) at Goldmine and trained in first aid, evacuation and winter survival. He was a major force in the development of search & rescue and ski mountaineering with the Southern Region NSP.

Dave’s climbing was related to this ski patrol activity and the climb on which he met his death on Mt. San Jacinto was in training with Steve Reneker for a 1995 assault on Everest. Steve completed the climb and carried the FWSA banner and Dave’s ashes to the top.


In 2002 Single Ski Club of LA has won this award for the 18th time — more than any other club.

In 2004
Après Ski Club has been a triple threat — sweeping all three awards.

In 2012 Pacific Rim Alliance swept the awards for the third time.

Year Masters Advanced Novice
2018 No Award No Award No Award
2017 Reno Ski & Recreation No Award No Award
2016 Pacific Rim No Award No Award
2015 Pacific Rim Idaho Falls No Award
Class A Class AA Class AAA
Class AAAA
2014 Snowchasers Fresno Mountain High
2013 No Award Pacific Rim Reno
2012 Pacific Rim North Island Snowdrifters Mountain High
2011 Pacific Rim Fresno No Award
2010 No Award North Island Snowdrifters Mountain High  
2009 No Award No Award North Island Bergfreunde
2008 No Award No Award Mountain High Après
2007 Unrecables Don Diego Mountain High Conejo
2006 Unrecables
Mountain High Pacific Rim North Island
2005 No Award Mountain High Pacific Rim Bergfreunde
2004 No Award No Award No Award Après
2003 No Award No Award No Award Après
2002 Bota Baggers Single Bergfreunde  
2001 No Award North Island Snowdrifters Bergfreunde  
2000 Skiyente Single Bergfreunde  
1999 Rusty Bindings Century City Bergfreunde  
1998 Skiyente Single Bergfreunde  
1997 Bota Baggers Century City Après  
1996 Tri Valley Century City Bergfreunde  
1995 Inskiers Century City Après  
1994 Inskiers Single Balboa  
1993 Inskiers Century City Balboa  
1992 Rusty Bindings Snowchasers Balboa  
1991 Snowchasers No Award Balboa  
1990 Snow Drifters Single Balboa  
1989 Inskiers Single Balboa  
1988 Irvine Ski Assoc. Single Balboa  
1987 Inskiers Snowchasers Balboa  
1986 San Francisco Snowchasers Balboa  
1985 San Francisco Sundancer Balboa  
1984 Rusty Bindings No Award Balboa  
1983 No Award Single No Award  
1982 Wailers Single Après  
1981 Wailers Single No Award  
1980 Wailers Single No Award  
1979 Wailers Single Après  
1978 Wailers Westwood Après  
1977 Wailers Single Après  
1976 Wailers ** Single ** Hughes  
1975 Wailers ** Single **    
1974 Wailers ** Westwood    
1973 Vand Bakke Westwood **    
1972 Single ** Westwood **    
1971 Single ** Westwood    
1970 Single ** Fresno **    
1969 Wailers **      
1968 Edelweiss      
1967 Buddy's Angeles      
1966 Buddy's Angels      
1963 Grindelwald      
** Won USSA Outstanding Club Award

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Bill King,
VP Communication Awards Chair


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